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Volumes 1 & 2 of Idioms in English have been reviewed and approved by ETS®, maker of the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests.

Idioms in English

Now available in 7 volumes

  • Includes pre and post assessments with instant scoring

  • Features over 220 interactive lessons per volume

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TOEFL® Listening practices

  • Check comprehension

  • Feature authentic language

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Stories and Dialogues

  • Use idioms in context

  • Link to individual idiom pages

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Idiom pages

  • Include definitions and examples

  • Provide pronunciation notes for each idiom

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  • Presents four different native speaker models

  • Features interactive dictation exercises with immediate feedback

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User friendly interface

  • Offers pre and post assessments with four different question types

  • Provides flash 'roll over' menus for both a program level and a chapter level index

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Use the free "Puffin" browser app

  • Click on the links below to get the free "Puffin" web browser
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  • Open the "Puffin" web browser on your phone and go to the "Student Login page"
  • Works on iPads and tablets also