TOEFL® Vocabulary Practice

Animal Tales with TOEFL vocabulary

Animal Tales

with TOEFL® Vocabulary Practice

Satisfy multiple common core standards

Each volume
  • Features 9 different animals
  • Explores the relationship between each animal & its environment
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Animal Tales with TOEFL vocabulary

Poems about each animal

  • Model correct use of rhythm in English
  • Use rhymes to reinforce correct pronunciation
  • Present 4 different native speaker models
Animal Tales with TOEFL vocabulary

Fact pages

  • Feature word highlighting to focus on vocabulary
  • Range from 6.3 to 9.7 in reading grade level
Animal Tales with TOEFL vocabulary

Beautiful photographs of the animal & their environments

  • Reinforce poem lines & matching facts
  • Expand to full screen
Animal Tales with TOEFL vocabulary

Scored TOEFL® Vocabulary Practices

  • Build fluency in English
  • Feature over 250 vocabulary words in each volume
Animal Tales with TOEFL vocabulary

Dictation practices

  • Check listening comprehension
  • Offer instant scoring
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