Read Aloud eBooks with Adaptive Assessment

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Improve listening & reading comprehension with:

  • Poems modeling correct use of rhythm in English
  • Word highlighting in sync with audio tracks
  • Audio featuring 5 different native speakers
  • Rhymes reinforcing different vowel sounds in English

Titles & grade levels       Free trial for the
Green Sea Turtle
Read Aloud eBook
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*Adaptive assessments change and respond based on whether students answer questions correctly or incorrectly.

Measure learning with adaptive assessment* for:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Rhymes
  • Syllables & stress in words
  • Vocabulary & meaning

Improved Reading + Listening Skills = Improved test scores
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Engage students with beautiful photographs

  • Featuring animals from all over the world
  • Reading grade levels ranging from 2-6
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Track all student activity

  • Plus teacher guides with classroom expansion tips & ideas

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Green Sea Turtle
Read Aloud eBook

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